Custom web applications for business


Test Driven Development

Quality is at the heart of our development process.  Our specifications are, in effect, test plans which we use to generate automated tests of the required software.  Only when the tests are written, do we start programming.  This helps us clarify requirements and iron out issues before progressing to development.

Regression Testing

One common problem with software development is that a change in one area of the system have an unexpected impact in other areas.  By using continuous integration, we can fully test each new release of software for compatibility across the system.


Security is a key issue in the design and hosting of web applications.  However, there is a lot more to security than the technology.  It is important to build security into the processes that surround the systems.  We perform a full risk assessment to ensure our systems and our clients' data are protected.

Quality of Service

Quality extends beyond our web application development process to our hosting and maintenance services.  Our web applications are supported by continual process monitoring that automatically restarts the web applications should any issues occur during production.  Our software engineers use process monitoring tools that provide valuable information on the performance of our applications allowing us to keep one step ahead of the software's operational requirements.

iformis services

Connect distributed staff, suppliers, partners and customers with a single integrated system.
Drastically reduce paperwork and improve oversight of common features such as timesheets, holiday requests, training management and staff planning.
Get us to customise our software to provide a web-based system to suit your specific business process requirements.
Our standard processes and services include automated testing, automatic backups to remote servers, web-based issue logging and tracking, SSL Security, database performance monitoring, email and telephone support.