Custom web applications for business

Use a custom web application to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve communication across your business.

Web-based systems are ideal for coordinating people on the move or in distributed offices or for connecting suppliers, partners and customers together on the same system.

Iformis specialises in building powerful, secure, high-quality web-based systems that are designed to be easy to use whilst providing excellent returns on investment by streamlining business processes.

Iformis is dedicated to delivering practical software that is fast to implement and quick to learn.  All our software is web-based making it easy for employees and managers to access their system from any location.

create team tasks automatically

iformis services

Connect distributed staff, suppliers, partners and customers with a single integrated system.
Drastically reduce paperwork and improve oversight of common features such as timesheets, holiday requests, training management and staff planning.
Get us to customise our software to provide a web-based system to suit your specific business process requirements.
Our standard processes and services include automated testing, automatic backups to remote servers, web-based issue logging and tracking, SSL Security, database performance monitoring, email and telephone support.