Custom web applications for business


Intranets and Extranets

Intranets are more than just a means to share information.  Our clients use our intranets to run their business processes, from job scheduling, timesheets and expenses through to billing and payroll.  Secure extranets allow clients and partners to participate directly in the business process to improve customer service and streamline the end to end delivery of services.


Automated workflows are an ideal way to bring quality and consistency to your business processes.  In a workflow-driven process, an event on the system (e.g. Create Job, Confirm Booking) can initiate a set of tasks.  Tasks can be dependent on other tasks and due dates can be relative to other events within the system.

Team Scheduling Systems

Schedule jobs and allocate teams, assets and other resources as required.  Record all the information for the job in the one place, allow those involved in the job to discuss details. Use an extranet to allow clients to request jobs or have access to restricted job information.

Event Management

Create events and invite people. Create your own online forms for registration, special requirements, feedback or anything else.  Manage registrations using "Office Only" fields such as Payment or Booking Status.  Give suppliers restricted access to form information.


Set up products with descriptions, images, costs and categories. Take orders and payments securely over the web.  Automatically generate supplier orders from the incoming customer orders or fulfil orders from stock.
Our E-commerce system can integrate with all leading payment gateways.

iformis services

Connect distributed staff, suppliers, partners and customers with a single integrated system.
Drastically reduce paperwork and improve oversight of common features such as timesheets, holiday requests, training management and staff planning.
Get us to customise our software to provide a web-based system to suit your specific business process requirements.
Our standard processes and services include automated testing, automatic backups to remote servers, web-based issue logging and tracking, SSL Security, database performance monitoring, email and telephone support.